Guangzhou Wavk audio equipment Co.,Ltd. specializes in designing, manufacturing,supplying professional audio industry for more than 20 years. Wavk owns itself factory in Guangzhou and engineering company, set up branches in Beijing,Xian, Shanxi,Guiyang,Wuhan. Our existing WAVK and HOST two brands represent high&middle class brands and dominated in professional audio industry covering outdoor all-weather, KTV, entertainment, meetings,large-scale performance series .Based on high-tech professional reliable tech,our products are directly designated  by many end-users with their featured projects .Until today,we have more than100 dealers in China and international clients  from Europe, America, Middle east,Australia,Southeast Asia and Africa ."Quality first, customer first,more excellence, win together" is our business philosiphy.Let's work together and win-win.




Wavk glory in 2015 China(GCelebration Wavk line arra
China Model Contest
Zhang Yun Yantai campaign
National Dance Competition
Inner Mongolia Horqin folk son

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